lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

MeterBuilder™ MB-1

Aquí le dejamos un par de imágenes del nuevo MB1 fabricado
por MeterBuilder

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MeterBuilder™ MB-1 Features
  • Extensive Digital Filtering for stable and repeatable readings.
  • The only Digital RF Power Meter with a Real-Time Analog Meter (can track CW and voice).
  • Fastest Bar Graph of any Digital RF Power Meter.
  • Four Fully Programmable 4-Digit Seven Segment LED Displays - Display Measurements, Configuration information, or a combination of both.
  • Display up to 8 Measurement Types Simultaneously.
  • Map any Measurement to any Display Device.
  • Quick, single push button access to commonly used menus.
  • MB-HF1 Coupler Lineup requires just a DC Voltmeter or Multimeter.
  • Interactive Hardware Diagnostic Software.
  • Programmable Simulator for verifying custom Analog Meter calibration and custom Coupler calibration.
  • Available in Kit Form only with Pre-assembled Coupler - No surface mount components to install.


Aquí le dejamos las primeras imágenes del nuevo amplificador Lineal fabricado en China.

Lleva válvula FU-728F, entrega 2000w y es full automático.
también les dejamos un para de videos

Ham radio in Portugal

November 27
The A.R.V.M. is organizing his Exposition Ham Fair in Lisbon.
Come to one of the biggest events of Ham radio in Portugal
Our goal is , beyond the good deals in new and second hand ham radio equipment, to proportionate a nice get together to all OMs.