jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Nuevo país en 50 Mhz - J5NAR - Guinea-Bissau - # 117

Sorpresa fue escuchar hoy al Dr. Laszlo Radocz - HA0NAR desde Guinea-Bissau - J5NAR.
Con una señal al comienzo débil pero luego de unos minutos y por casi 1 hora poniendo una
señal solida de 579.
Al finalizar el comunicado en CW y viendo que no le salia nadie, le pedí pasar a SSB y accedió sin problemas.
Aquí les dejo el vídeo del comunicado en SSB.

Llamando en CW sin respuesta..

martes, 19 de febrero de 2013


Los preparativos de cambio de casa impidieron disponer del fin 
de semana como para disfrutar a pleno el concurso de la ARRL CW.

Como no podía fallar para este contest, tormenta casi todo el fin de semana,
el viernes decidí hacer algunos contactos en 20 mts ya que seria la banda
para aprovechar al retorno de distintas tareas que tenia programadas.

El viernes solo pude estar activo unos 45 minutos, los americanos entraban
con muy buena señal, pero el cansancio me venció y decidí seguir el sábado
para aprovechar mas las horas de apertura para NA..

El sábado llovió casi todo el día, tormenta eléctrica, así que día perdido..

El día domingo luego de retornar de la nueva casa, me senté un rato y pude hacer
un poco mas del contest..

Fueron casi 3 horas de participación y estos son los números..
veremos si para los próximos contest me acomodo un poco con los tiempos
para dedicarle mas tiempo..

ARRLDXCW Score Summary Sheet
CallSign Used : LU5FF
Operator(s) : LU5FF

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
                   Band : 20M
                 Power : HIGH
                  Mode : CW
 Default Exchange : 500

     ARRL Section : DX
         Club/Team : LU CONTEST GROUP

        Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec
          14     483    1449   53
       Total     483    1449   53

            Score : 76.797
              Rig : Yaesu FT 1000 MP MVF
                      Drake L7 - 500W
         Antennas : 6 el tribande

Probando el nuevo Kenwood TS 990

Aquí podemos ver las primeras pruebas del nuevo
Kenwood TS 990

6W/HA0NAR en 50 Mhz

Poco a poco se van dando aperturas para EA8, CT3 y
ya se pueden escuchar algunos de la península..

Hoy fue la sorpresa escuchar a 6W/HA0NAR desde Senegal
con muy buena señal.. llego a poner 579.

Aquí dejo un vídeo comunicando con EA8IT.

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

ES5TV 21 Mhz EME

Es real...? lo que si el nuevo sistema de 8x5 elementos para 15 mts
de ES5TV esta dando de hablar..

After two fruitless attempts at moonrise I got 21 Mhz EME QSO with myself done during moonset with the new 8x5 element H frame antenna.

This is the video of the best minute out of ca 10 minute period the signals were audible with strong QSB on January 13th, from 1615 to 1625z ca 2 hours after sunset:

Moon was setting at ca 243 degrees azimuth and the signals were audible while the moon was from 3.3 to 2.2 degrees of elevation peaking at 2.6 degrees. Antenna was pointing within 3 degrees of the correct direction. Radio: FTDX5000 + ACOM2000A.

It is noteworhty that the band was not 100% closed as even some SA signals were heard. Also the amazing strength of the signals at expecially the 3rd time the signals come back is probably also attributable to some ground gain at this elevation.

I wish I had also tried SSB and maybe the 4 high tribander stack for comparison but was too excited to remember. Should also try if changing the radiation angle to say even 30 degrees would allow hearing moonbounce from that elevation. Next time:)

Now all I have to do is to find someone interested in attempting real 15m EME QSO (anyone done that before?) who would have coinciding sunset/sunrise and high gain antenna on 15m.

Can anyone recommend a good program that would picture moon grayline (like DX Atlas for sun) that would enable to easily 

Here is also the high resolution video of the tower erection put together by ES5PC. It also includes the very first QSO with the new stack with Paul, K8PO:


70 meters high tower carries 8 5-element 15m yagis as pairs separated horizontally by 12 meter distance and vertical stacking is 14 meters. The heights of the antenna pairs are 64, 50, 36 and 22 meters.

Antennas are Optibeam OB5-15:


Tower is produced by 4O3A/YT3M: 


Antenna has ca 16 dbd free space gain and over 24 dbi gain at 4 degrees over real ground. Beamwidth is less than 30 degrees. Testing confirms exactly the modelling results. Pattern measured with signal generator and SDR was almost identical to what the computer suggests and signal levels drop ca 12 db when antenna is 20 degrees off and already 20 db when 25 degrees off the correct direction. There is huge -50db+ null at 90 degrees confirmed with real measurements (!) and ca -20-30 db signal drop on the other directions.

The stack has phase switching capability which allows any pair of the 4 to be switched out of phase to change the radiation angle. Pre-configured steps are 4, 7, 10, 15, 30 degrees while maintaining most of the gain as all antennas are always connected

Photo gallery from the tower erection is here:http://pontu.eenet.ee/es5tv

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

Kenwood TS 990S ya tiene precio

TS-990S Flagship – Detailed Features - Price US $7999,95 - Price UE  €7495,00


TS-990S Kenwood Transceiver
Update news: Kenwood Elec. Ltd & Kenwood USA have released Official 16-page TS-990S Brochure! – Big PDF (EU/USA) link below – (US) Un.Rad. Your Price: $7999,95 - (EU) ML&S (UK) Price: £6600,00 inc. VAT 20% – Maas (DE) Price:  €.7495,00 inc. VAT 19% – See Detailed Features and Specifications by Kenwood (UK) (DE) (IT) (US) - FCC: ID K44412000 - See the Link for Official Features and Brochure, pictures and Video below.
TS-990S by Universal Radio (US) List $8249,95 Your Price $7999,95
TS-990S by ML&S (UK) Price: £6600,00 inc. VAT 20%
TS-990S by Maas  (DE) Price:  €.7495,00 Inc. VAT 19%
TS-990S by RS Radiostock (ES) Precio: €. 7550,00 Inc. IVA 21%
TS-990S  всережимный трансивер ( Link to: “Бермос” Москва – “Bermos” Mosca)
Рекомендованная производителем цена для РФ: 9200,00 USD по курсу ЦБ РФ на день оплаты.
TS-990S_launch 株式会社JVCケンウッドは、ケンウッドブランドより、 “最高級実戦機”HF/50MHzトランシーバー「TS-990」シリーズを2013年2月末に日本をはじめ全世界で発売します。- (see link (JP) below!) - 威 風 堂 々。 ファン待望の新フラッグシップモデル -
TS-990S new JVCKenwood Flagship Arriving End February 2013 – The Price in Japan is 798,000 Yen inc. Jp. Tax (760.000 Yen no Tax) Link below!
Da Kenwood Italia – (IT) Cenni storici sulle Radio-Ammiraglie KENWOOD Il debutto del TS-900 nel 1973 ha inaugurato la tradizione della classe ammiraglia dei  ricetrasmettitori HF KENWOOD per uso amatoriale, che ha prodotto il TS-930, il TS-940 ed il TS-950. Progettato per l’esigenze del mercato Amateur Radio HF, il nuovoTS-990 ora si pone l’obiettivo di diventare il prodotto TOP dei DX’ers…. (vedere il comunicato e dati con il link più sotto IT)
TS-990S_kombiDer TS-990S hauptempfänger arbeitet nach dem Down-Conversion-Prin­zip und ist mit einem neuen Mischer und neuen Schmalband-Roofing-Filtern ausgestattet, sodass ein IP3 von +40 dBm erreicht wird, was einen Spitzenwert darstellt. - Erstmals besitzt ein Transceiver ein Dual-TFT-Display – mit Bandscope, NF-Scope, S-Meter und vielem mehr – dies führt zu besserer Darstellung und unbeschwertem Funkbetrieb. (Markteinf.g Ende Februar 2013)
Main_band_front-endTS-990S Main Receiver – The first mixer circuit, at the heart of the main receiver, is equipped with a new double balanced grounded switch type mixer.
In order to prevent distortion when there is a large input signal, the signal route up to the first mixer includes sophisticated circuitry with carefully selected components – such as large-core toroidal coils and relays for signal switching between bands – resulting in a third-order intercept point of +40dBm (source: JVC Kenwood brochure) – Please click the pictures diagram to enlarge!
TS-990S 200W Trasmitter – The push-pull circuit utilizes VRF150MP 50V power MOSFETs to deliver a stable output of 200W on all bands. Engineers have determined the bias and matching conditions that ensure maximum possible benefit from the characteristics of the VRF150MP.
Built-in automatic antenna tuner (ATU) is of the preset type and employs the relay approch, acclaimed for rapid operation. Cooling system capable of providing ample airflow to each unit. The TS-990 employs five independent variable-speed fans (.. IC-7700 employs Quad-fans!) are employed for the Switching Power Supply, the PA final section, and the ATU antenna tuner. (source: JVC Kenwood brochure) – Please click the pictures diagram to enlarge!

Link to: Download Kenwood USA Official TS-990S 16-page ADS#04513 (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood UE  Official TS-990S 16-page  #CA321E-E  - (ENG)
[Note] The TS-990S is manufactured in Kenwood’s Japan Factory which has been assessed and registered as ISO 9001 compliant (Quality Control).
RS Radiostock Espagna (EU) has now updated its price (! update 30.01.2013)
TS-990S Precio:€. 6239,67 + €. 15,60 ES trsp + 21%  IVA = Total €. 7568,88
(!! “stale” Precio: €. 7500,00 + €. 15,60 + 21%  IVA = Total €. 9093,88)