sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

Propagacion en los 50 Mhz Mes x Mes By LU5FF

Hola amigos..
desde que comencé en los 50 Mhz siempre fui realizando apuntes
sobre las distintas aperturas que se me venían dando.

Los spot realizado a los beacons, estaciones de DXs, portadoras de TV
tenían un objetivo que era realizar mis propias estadísticas.

Hoy en día consulto los spot realizados on line y voy sacando conclusiones.

El mito de como funcionaba la  banda magia era todo un tema al momento
de buscar info al respecto.

Encontré mucha info de NA, AS y EU pero no mucho desde SA..
lo típico hay que esperar el solcito para que comience a mover la banda.

Mucha gente se guía por estos parámetros y hace que no prenda la radio
en muchos meses que podrían darse contactos interesantes.

Quiero compartir con Uds. mis apuntes y anotaciones que arme llamado
Propagación en los 50 Mhz Mes x Mes

El mismo esta realizado con los contactos trabajados desde mi estación
desde mi comienzo en noviembre de 2010 hasta la fecha.

Para muchos que se encuentren cerca de mi grid locator le servirá de
referencia.. para otros dentro de argentina no tanto y para las estaciones
de DX le será de mucha utilidad para saber cuales son los mejores meses
para lograr contactos con esta parte de Argentina.

Pueden leerlo AQUÍ

Mis países en 50 Mhz AQUÍ

Javier LU5FF

viernes, 29 de junio de 2012


Hola gente hoy con mucha alegría he recibido el WAC en 50 Mhz

Gracias Diego LU8ADX - Card Checker - por las gestiones..

lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

New OM-Power OM-1500 HF Linear

“OM-Power” proud to introduce new compact power linear amplifier equipped with one tube of approved Russian quality used for military purposes. The amplifier despite its compact measures gives over 1500 W output power and as a bonus 50 MHz band is built-in for the “MAGIC BAND” lovers.

Photo credit OM3RM

• Compact measures 390 mm x 195 mm x 370 mm (width x height x depth) – this makes it the smallest available amplifier on the market in terms of size vs. output power
• Small weight – only 22 kg
• Output power 1500 W on HF and 1000 W on 50MHz
• Includes all HF bands from 1.8 MHz to 29.7 MHz inc. WARC and 50 MHz
• Silent function of the blower on RX, continuous regulation of revolution according to the temperature of the air blown out from the tube • Equipped with one GS23B tube
• The price of the tube is approximately on the level of GU74B, for 1.5 kW output power one tube is sufficient, no need of pairing when replacement is necessary
• FULL QSK, vacuum antenna relay is used
• 3 antenna outlets – controlled through the front panel
• Wide band input circuit from 1.8 MHz to 52 MHz entering SWR under 1:1.4, no need to use antenna tuner
• Easy installation of transformer for decreasing weight when transporting PA to expeditions
• Protection of PA against all non standard events
• Large display with information about the state of the PA – intuitive control
• Memory of fault states – easy diagnosis of potential problems
• Quick and easy tuning of PA thanks to TUNE function and analogue meter
• Easy replacement of tube – adjustment of BIAS electronically
• EBS for decreasing heat load of the tube
The OM1500 will be displayed for the first time at HAMRADIO2012 in Friedrichshafenbetween June 22 and 24, 2012 . OM-Power planning to launch the sale of the product in fall 2012. You can place your advanced order now and take advantage of a special price. Visit stand A1-500 and let yourself surprise by the wide range of OM Power products.

Click pictures to enlarge.
Photo credit OM3RM
Photo credit OM3RM
Photo credit OM3RM
Photo credit OM3RM

Etherkit Open Source crystal-controlled QRSS CW Beacon

OpenBeacon is an open source crystal-controlled QRPp beacon transmitter kit which can output a variety of slow-speed modes, including QRSS, DFCW, and Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber. It is configured via USB port, so there are no jumpers to set and you can easily adjust all of the operating parameters via command line. Once configuration is complete, OpenBeacon may be removed from the PC and operate stand-alone.
Please note that this product is a kit which requires soldering and assembly.

* Frequency: crystal controlled
* Modes: CW, QRSS, DFCW, Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber, Glyphcode, WSPR (experimental)
* Power output: 300 mW nominal (at +13.7 VDC power supply)
* Spectral purity: greatest harmonic
* Power supply: +5 VDC to +14 VDC
* Current consumption: 50 mA at +5 VDC, 120 mA at +13.7 VDC
* Control via USB on Windows, OS X, and Linux
* PCB dimensions: 70 mm x 90 mm
* High quality PCB with soldermask and ENIG (gold) plating

Available Bands:
* 30 meters (10.140 MHz)
* More bands available soon

Full documentation available here

Price: $40 USD

Mas info Aqui