martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Nuevo firmware 1.5 para el Kenwood TS-590

Updated items : (Version 1.04  1.05) 
[June 30, 2011]

Updates the following feature.
1.While a CW / Voice message (one-shot) is played back, when pressing and holding down the same message memory cnannel key [CH1], [CH2], [CH3] or [RX/4] temporary repeats the current message.
The function works when Menu No.56 (PLAYBACK REPEAT) is set to "OFF"(Default).
For example, "CP 1111" or "AP 1111" appears on the sub-display while temporary repeating the message in channel 1.
To stop the temporary repeating message, press [CH1], [CH2], [CH3], [RX/4] or [CLR] key.
The same interval time is applied as the value which is set in Menu No.57 (PLAYBACK INTERVAL TIME).
The funciton is not available to activate by a PC command.
 Revises the following symptom.
1.When the meter is set to show "compression" in LSB/USB or FM/AM mode, changing to CW/FSK mode does not indicate ALC automatically.

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