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KN-Q7A Single Band SSB Transceiver Kit

The KN-Q7A single band SSB transceiver kit was designed specifically for the worldwide market by BA6BF, and kitted by BD6CR/4. As the upgraded version of the popular KN-Q7 (more than 500 kits were sold worldwide), the KN-Q7A has an improved circuit design and component selection, which makes it an ideal candidate for field operation, back pack and emergency use.

Improvements from KN-Q7
• Improved Low Pass Filter (LPF) circuit to meet the -43 dBc standard
• Added post IF amplifier one pole crystal filter to reduce background noise
• Removed RX/ TX indicator LED to further reduce RX current consumption by about 5 mA
• Added an on-board RF attenuator in the receiver front end to reduce broadcast interference
• Added power polarity protection
• Larger chassis area (+25%) used as heat sink to reduce thermal drift
• More frequency coverage options: support for European calling frequency 7.090 MHz and American calling frequency 7.285 MHz
• Matched IF filter crystals to ensure good selectivity
• Improved part selection, and reduction of SMD part count to just one transistor
• Dimension: 153 mm x 97 mm x 40 mm, not including protruding features
• Weight: less than 500 g or 1.1 lbs
• Power Supply: 12~13.8 V, 3 A
• Current consumption: 30 mA in RX and about 2 A in TX @ 13.8 V
• RF output: about 10 W PEP @ 13.8 V • Spur suppression: better than -43 dBc
• Sensitivity: about 0.5 μV at 10 dB SNR • IF filter: 6 pole crystal ladder filter + 1 pole post IF amplifier crystal filter
• IF bandwidth: about 2.0 kHz
• IF frequency: 8.467 MHz or 8.192 MHz, depending on the selected tuning range
• Frequency tuning range: about 20 kHz in VXO type.
Five options: 7.050~7.070 MHz, 7.080~7.100 MHz, 7.145~7.165 MHz, 7.200~7.220 MHz, or 7.280~7.300 MHz
• Speaker output: 3.5 mm connector, mono output
• Microphone input: 8-pin, can be configured to be compatible with electret microphones.
• Antenna connector: SL-16 type (M or SO-239 type equivalent), rear panel mount.
• IF Gain Control: act as volume control
• Tune Control
• Quick Guide: English, Spanish and Japanese
• Full Manual: English, Spanish and Japanese
• Part List: English, Spanish and Japanese
• Drilling Template: No text, only drawing

Price List and Payment:
Kit: 115 USD, Assembled Kit 155 USD, Optional microphone 20 USD. Air shipping and handling 15 USD each for Asia and 25 USD each for worldwide. We accept paypal
Should you have any questions or inquiries, email us to or join and send post to

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