martes, 8 de abril de 2014


There were surprises, comparing with previous years, some openings came earlier. The daily crop were EA, EA6, EA8, CT , I, IT9, SV. Balkans came unexpectedly: 9A S5. As well as France which usually only came late in April. A single Briton:G8BCG  on 19th March just before Peter left Britain to his present location in EA8.
There were some openings to JA,albeit not as good as in the previous month. JS6 appeared a tad later, even after 0600 UTC.
The Pacific brought totally unexpected contacts: stations located on my same side of the Equator: the indefatigable Remi, FK8CP who has managed to work many of my fellow south americans and A35JP .Traditional lore says TEP enables qsos only between stations north and south of the geomagnetic belt, However these two in the Pacific disregarded the common knowledge.
The outstanding qsos were 9L1A, 7X5QB, D44CF, FK8CP, ZB2BL, SV5BYR, TR8CA, 9L1A, BA4SI, BV2DQ, BV3CE, A35JP (new one) ,  XF1T, 5B4MF (new one),  TJ3SN, XT2AEF (new one),  CN2R, E51WL, PJ2/DK5ON,  6W1SR.making a grand total of 470 stations logged.
I have uploaded some videos :
Greetings friends and hope to catch you in the Magic Band

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