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Basic-7 - para los que gustan de los QRP

Basic-7 is a 7MHz QRP CW transceiver kit. The schematic is as basic as a textbook. The parts check list makes it easy for you to inventory the parts. There are many pictures in the assembly manual that illustrate how to solder and test the circuits. The VXO covers the cw qrp band and provides higher stability than LC oscillator circuits.
The case and knobs are custom made for the Basic-7. The case is heavy and strong. The knobs are painted with rubber contained paint for nice touching.
Front panel
Rear panel
Size & Weight
     W : 7 inch. (180mm)  H : 2 7/10 in. (70mm)  D : 6 3/10 in. (160mm)   2.86 pounds (1.3kg)
  • VXO : Frequency coverage is changeable 7.000-7.036 or 7.020-7.040.
  • T/R Switching : Full beak-in
  • Sidetone
  • RF output : 1W
  • Direct conversion receiver
  • RIT : CW offset
  • RF ATT
  • Speaker
  • 1W dummy load
  • RF probe
  • Parts check list
  • Assembly manual
Information on Basic-7


Component kit (without case and knobs)

Complete kit (with case and knobs)

Case and Knobs
  • Component kit        
    $100 USD  included shipping fee
  • Complete kit           $175 USD  included shipping fee

  • PayPal 


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  1. Hola Javier:

    Estoy intentando descargar los pdf de información, en especial el del esquema eléctrico, pero no parecen estar en su sitio. Si mañana cuando lo vuelva a intentar no consigo descargarlos, ¿podrías enviármelos? Gracias por adelantado de Juanjo, EC5ACA.