lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Firmware 1.02 para el Kenwood TS-590S

El dia 20 de enero Kenwood saco la versión 1.02 del firmware de su nuevo equipo TS-590S

Algunas mejoras:

Revises the following symptoms.

1. In [SSB-DATA] mode, Speech Processor might not be disabled internally.

2. At the end of TX tune mode, carrier output returns to normal mode level after a short delay.

3. When the TS-590S is turned ON, the USB port connection may be unstable.

4. When the built-in electronic keyer is set to Mode A, CW keying may not work properly.

5. TX rise time power spike activates some linear amplifiers' input power protections.
(The firmware Ver.1.02 revises the ALC response characteristics to reduce the power spike.)

6. When a separate RX ANT is connected, TX output power may be fed back to the RX ANT connector and might affect internal circuits.

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